Apple Repair Services

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    Macbook pro, Mac Air, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro - Common Issues Fixed
  1. Broken LCD / LED screen and glass replacement
  2. Mac white screen / folder with question mark/ spinning wheel freeze Expert
  3. Water, Coffee, Juice etc. liquid damage Macbook repair Expert
  4. Mac can turn ON but no display/ Graphic lines on screen
  5. Overheating, very hot and shutdown problem fix Expert
  6. Keyboard & track pad not responding or keys stuck.
  7. Mac OS X installation -  10.11 (El capitan) 10.15 (Catalina)
  8. Cannot power ON / Battery not charging/ Charger  have no light.
  9. Software issues like Outlook, iPhoto, iTunes library Recovery etc. Expert
  10. Hardware upgrades - Ram, Hard Drive, SSD, Graphic card Expert

    iPad (9.7/10.5/Air/mini), iPhone (X/XS/11 Pro), iPod   - Common Issues Fixed
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  1. iPhone cracked glass screen replacement Expert
  2. iPad Pro LCD  display & touch digitizer replacement Expert
  3. WiFi & 3G poor signal strength
  4. iPhone/iPad dropped in water/ liquid damage repair Expert
  5. Battery not charging or not lasting long / Battery replacement
  6. Cannot turn on/ No power when press power button
  7. Home key, Power & Volume button Replacement 
  8. Software upgrade and restore plus iTunes Backup
  9. Recover photos, music and files from broken products.

  Time Capsule, Airport Extreme, Airport Express  - Common Issues Fixed
Time Capsule and Airport Express
  1. First time setup and installation.
  2. Auto wireless backup and data sync setup
  3. Time Machine backup and restore.
  4. Time Capsule data Recovery.
  5. Time capsule orange light blinking/ No internet.

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